Wedding Photographers Huntsville, Alabama

Wedding photography is so much more than beautiful pictures! Chelsea Kennedy Weddings and Events believes the foundation of awesome photography is the experience the photographer provides. Your wedding photographer is extremely important to your wedding! Below is a list of our favorite wedding photographers that work in the Huntsville area!  We have worked with these professionals in the past, and we trust them to produce an amazing experience and stunning images.

  • Ais Portraits – Aislinn’s couples often become much more than clients.  They chat about their wedding details & design, and long after the wedding is over, you all are still friends. If you’re up for that (and for joyful, heartfelt, sophisticated images, too), let her know – she’ll have a glass of bubbly waiting for you.
  • Abraham Rowe Photography – Abraham and Susan are the husband and wife team behind Abraham Rowe Photography, a digital and film photography studio located in Florence, Alabama.  They show what is authentic as well as the unexpected and string those moments together to create an enticing narrative.
  • Create Portraiture – Heather has captured weddings all over the South along with destination weddings.  She believes that life is continually changing and the one thing we can always do is invest in the moment, because pictures are a priceless momento that will be cherished for the rest of our lives and even after we a gone. 
  • Joel and Amber Photography – Joel and Amber are a husband & wife photography team who travel the world to find epic vanilla lattes and chocolate croissants.  They believe that photography is about so much more than simply having incredible images. It’s about serving and encouraging people in a way that makes the entire experience just as joyful and meaningful as the wedding day itself!
  • Twenty Oaks Photography – Photography allows Tina to create through the medium of emotion! Her inspiration is derived from pure moments radiating from people in love and she believes that genuine emotion produces timeless photographs.

Are you wedding photographer that works in Huntsville area and are not on our list? Please contact us, we would love to meet with you to chat about your business!