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Are you a bride looking for in-season summer wedding flowers? If so, we have good news! Spring may be known for its blossoms and blooms, but summer truly is the perfect season for some stunning wedding flowers.

Flowers have served as a symbol of femininity for hundreds of years, and each type carries its own special symbolism, so it’s no wonder florals feel like such a big decision when planning your wedding! Plus, carefully-selected wedding flowers give you an opportunity to uniquely express yourself as you purposefully curate your bouquet, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.

Read on to discover ten lovely flowers that event planners in Alabama are using this summer for weddings and often carry special meaning as well.


It’s good to start with the classics. Gardenias, in shades of white and ivory, capture the elegant garden blossom look. They symbolize purity, sweetness, and joy, and are a perfect summertime flower, ideal for sunny and humid climates. (Alabama brides, looking at you!)


With a Greek name meaning “love flower,” it’s no surprise that this flower makes its way into summer wedding arrangements. Available in blue and white, these little beauties add volume without density, keeping your bouquet airy and ethereal.


Add some height to your summer centerpieces with this vertical flower that comes in all shades (except blue). The ruffled edges to the petals add a lovely bit of frill and texture.


The dahlia is a wonderful option for you if you love peonies but are looking for an in-season option for your summer wedding. These gorgeously full flowers come in a variety of colors and sizes—some even reaching up to 12 inches in diameter! They symbolize commitment or a lasting bond, which makes them a perfect choice for weddings. The Café au Lait is an especially popular flower this season.


Here we have the flower of flowers, the traditional symbol of love. Coming in a diverse range of colors, each with their own special meaning, roses are versatile and elegant. If you decide to utilize this classic flower for a summer wedding, make sure to curate your arrangements with a number of other flowers to accentuate the grace of these beautiful blooms.


Don’t be fooled by the name; this flower is something special. Packed with the symbolism of lasting beauty, a happy life, bonds of affection, and even described as “paradise on earth” by several events planners in Alabama, these finely twisting blossoms will make a wonderful addition to your summer wedding centerpieces or bouquet.


These pretty petals are a true classic for summer weddings. They are especially perfect for boutonnieres, with up to 10 tiny buds on each stem. The freesia represents innocence and thoughtfulness, a sweet touch that packs extra meaning on your special day.


Are you looking for a little “something blue” for your big day? It’s pretty rare to find a truly blue flower in nature, but the cornflower serves as a perfect choice. This little flower makes a big pop in summer bouquets and doubles as a symbol of prosperity and friendship.


The lily is beautifully modern and dramatic. Plus, it’s available in an array of shapes and color: from the delicate and slender Calla Lily, to the bright and beautiful Peruvian Lily, and the romantic Casa Blanca Lily. Symbols of devotion and virtue, these flowers pair well with roses and lisianthus.


Saving the best for last, orchids are the on-trend wedding flowers of the summer 2018 wedding season! You can create a modern twist on a traditional arrangement or boutonniere with this bold blossom. The orchid thrives in summer weather, with the added benefit of coming in a plethora of colors and sizes. Orchids symbolize exotic beauty, refinement, and charm, making it a perfect choice for both extravagant and intimate ceremonies.

These ten in-season wedding flowers have us so excited for summer weddings and the beautiful photos sure to follow. Will you be using any of our summer favorites in your wedding florals? Comment below and share some of your favorite flowers and how you plan to use them on your big day.

Do you love the idea of using in-season summer flowers for your wedding but feel overwhelmed trying to choose or arrange them yourself? Let us help! Contact Chelsea Kennedy Events today to see how we can help ensure your flowers are in-season and on-trend while also making a lasting impression.