Ah, the honeymoon! After all the wedding planning and actual partying, you and your newly-wed spouse will be ready for some alone time on your first vacation as husband and wife. The honeymoon is a wonderful time to build intimacy and mark the start of a new life together.

You may be wondering, as you daydream about spa treatments, massages, or lounging on a Caribbean beach with your loved one: “Who pays for the honeymoon?” And with many wedding budgets being a multi-party affair, it’s a good question!

Traditionally, since the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, it’s the groom and his parents who cover the cost of the honeymoon. But every wedding has unique situational and financial responsibilities. There’s really no wrong way to cover honeymoon costs; it’s all up to you and your families. Read on for a few ways you can decide who pays for the honeymoon.


Who Pays for the Honeymoon?


Option 1: Parents

It may be that your parents are able to cover the cost of the wedding and the honeymoon, or that the groom’s parents have offered to cover the trip expenses in line with tradition. Both sets of parents may even decide to make it a combined effort and cover the cost together. If your parents pay for the honeymoon, make sure you thank them for helping make the start of your wedded bliss extra special with a free vacation. If they can’t swing the added expense, don’t worry or get upset—there are several other ways to pay for your honeymoon!

Option 2: The Surprise Benefactor

Some couples get lucky when an old family friend decides they’d like to bless you with a check to pay for your honeymoon. You never know, right? It could be your grandparents, great-grands, extended family, or a dear friend… If that happens, make sure you bring back an amazing souvenir for your generous loved one!

Option 3: The Guests

Wedding registries you know about, but did you know there are honeymoon registries, too? A lot of couples are skipping the toaster ovens and opting to make memories instead. This is especially common for couples who’ve been living on their own long enough to accumulate most of the household items that make common wedding gifts. With a honeymoon registry, your guests can choose to help pay for your trip instead. Honeyfund, Zola, and Traveler’s Joy are just some of the options you can choose from.

Even if you don’t set up a honeymoon registry, you’ll likely receive cash and checks as wedding gifts. If you’d like, you can use that money to help cover the costs of the honeymoon, even if it’s just a little extra pocket change for meals and outings while you’re away.

Option 4: The Couple

Perhaps you and your fiancé decide to cover the cost yourselves, giving you total control over the budget and planning. Whether you make it a combined effort or your groom foots the entire bill, consider letting him handle the planning. Many grooms love planning the getaway while the bride works with a wedding planner on the details of the ceremony and reception. Here’s what one groom said on the matter:

“I was happy to plan our honeymoon! I know how much my wife put into planning the wedding, and I know how much she loves surprises, so I made the honeymoon plans and took care of all the details. She felt extra pampered knowing that everything was already taken care of; all that was left for her to do was enjoy our time together and relax.”
– Brent M.

If your fiancé doesn’t know where to start, there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Just like your wedding planning is aided by an event coordinator, there are travel professionals who specialize in planning honeymoons and can make the process effortless. If he keeps it a surprise, just make sure he gives you some hints so you know what to pack for the trip!

On the other hand, if surprises make you way too nervous, then by all means tag-team the planning. The groom can still get things going by doing the bulk of the research within your budget and give you some options to choose from. Start with a basis on which you both agree. For example, do you want adventure or relaxation? Go from there! If the groom really wants to surprise you, let him plan a day, an excursion, or an experience for the two of you, without your knowing.

The First Step to a Perfect Honeymoon Is a Happy Wedding Day!

Nothing can upset a perfectly planned honeymoon like wedding plans gone awry. Avoid the headache and heartache of a wedding day disaster and invest in a wedding planner to make sure things go smoothly! If you have any questions about the various wedding planning packages I offer, feel free to contact me. Let’s make sure your wedding day is stress-free so that you’re ready to embrace the honeymoon without any lingering wedding planning regrets!